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सभी उत्पाद

100% Natural Farmers Community

We all need to eat to survive, but not all food is created equal. We believe that natural farming has the power to revolutionize the food industry. Our farm uses only the most sustainable and ethical farming methods, ensuring that our produce is not only good for your health but also for the planet. At Krishiyog Naturals, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the natural farming revolution, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the best and freshest produce from our farm directly to your home.


Our Vision

Chemical Free Produce

Fair Trade ensuring higher farmer income

Eco Friendly farming safe for mother earth


Provide 100% natural, chemical-free, GMO-free farm produce for all living beings adopting traditional, scientific, natural, regenerative, ecofriendly farming practices.

Chickpea (kadle Kalu).jpg

Where we source and secure, native heirloom Seeds
(GMO free) and share with our farmers

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Women - The backbone of any economy or home 🙏.jpg
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Were earthworms thrive in abundance in the lap of mother earth and act as natural tillers of land

Were cows, bulls, bufalloes, goats and sheeps are grazed to provide them with chemical free fodder inturn increasing the soil microbial activity this fertility

Where women are empowered with equal wages as men, where livehoods are created in surrounding villages

Where intercropping eliminates the needs of weedicites, pesticides

Where nature's abundance of a healthy soil, water, air, soil, and sunlight in not taken for granted. 

Our Customers our our family

and our friends who who inspire us to follow the path least adopted. 

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