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About us

Krishiyog Naturals is a farmers marketplace that supports marginal farmers to adopt 100% natural farming practices which is beneficial for our environment and for benefit of all humans and living being alike.  Towards the objective of improving farmer's lives and livelihood we work with marginalized farmers, self help groups, home enterprises and help them get access to market their produce, create new value added products and also introduce them to traditional and natural ways of growing food healthily, sustainably and profitably. 

We achieve this by assisting our communities them grow, value add and then sell their produce to health conscious urban and rural consumers online and offline.

Our vision us to make our farmers, farms, consumers and communities

1. Free from chemicals and pesticides and ensure that   farm soils are regenerated with activated carbon enhancing soil fertility.

2. Adopt natural practices that ensure better farm yields

3. Where bees, birds, insects and soil microbes can find their food thus helping to biologically manage pests

4. Where earthworms thrive and rejoice in abundance but adopting low tilling or not tilling practices

5. Where we use least water and natural resources to grown our produce.

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