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सोम, 09 मार्च


Ananda - Song of Bliss, Basavanagudi, BLR

Mind Management Program : Part # 1

Success & Happiness - Positive Psychology & Neuroscience perspective (Part 1) guided by Dr. Usha Vasthare, Neuroscientist & Founder of Yogakshema

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Mind Management Program : Part # 1
Mind Management Program : Part # 1

समय और स्थान

09 मार्च 2020, 6:20 pm – 8:00 pm IST

Ananda - Song of Bliss, Basavanagudi, BLR


इवेंट के बारे में

Life is a mixed bag of experiences – some good and some not so good. Everyone undergoes work pressure, family pressure, stress, negative thoughts, anxieties & negative emotions.

Some of us reconcile to the situations, some resign to it, and only a handful take charge of our situation and navigate through it successfully. Is this ability to navigate difficult situations something we are born with? Absolutely NOT. A lot of this navigation is down to how we Manage our Mind. There are very clear, easy to use proven techniques that we can apply to our lives. How we Manage our Mind is the essential element to happy and fulfilled life, and it leads to Self-Enrichment.

YogaKshema will bring to some of the most recent learning in the emerging fields of neuroscience & positive psychology, and package it in a way EACH one of us can use in our lives for Self-Enrichment.

The talks will be in a whole range of topics across areas, delivered by renowned speakers and practitioners.

We look forward to seeing on Mind Management Mondays !


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