Garam Masala Power (Home Made), 100 gms

Garam Masala Power (Home Made), 100 gms


Product Info : We bring our traditional home made desi masala power to you that you can use for all types of traditional Indian cusines from North to South and East to West. 


Ingredients : Jeera(Cummin), Dhaniya(Corainder), Miri (Pepper), Lavang (Cloves), Dalchini (Cinammon), Shajeera (Black Cummin), Badamphool, Dagadphool, Tamalpatri, Turmeric and Hing (Asafetida) 

  • Storage

    Store in dry container with lid.

  • Date/Month of preparation

    Prepared in the month of August 2020. Use until 12 months.