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Emmer Wheat Jaggery Paysam, Low Gluten , 1 kg

Emmer Wheat Jaggery Paysam, Low Gluten , 1 kg


This creamy aromatic traditional Paysam is soul warming, blending Khapali ( Emmer ) Wheat with earthy allure of jaggery and adorned with Cardomom and nuts.

Ingredients: Khapali wheat, Jaggery powder, Cardomom, Cashews, A2 milk, peppy seeds, nutmeg, ginger powder.

  • Shelf life and Terms of Supply

    Our Payasam is home made and cooked in hygienic conditions.

    Shelf life is 1 day and is best consumed same day.

    Prepared against order. Kindly order 2 days prior to your need.

    Supply will be confirmed upon receipt of order.

    Min order 1 kg and maximum order 10 kgs.

    If we cannot confirm your order within 8 hrs, amount paid will be refunded.

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