Black Gram/Urad/Uddu (Whole), 100% Naturally Grown, 500gms

Black Gram/Urad/Uddu (Whole), 100% Naturally Grown, 500gms


Also known as black lentil, it is one of the most widely consumed lentils in India. These are rounded black lentils, slightly elongated with a sticky texture and bland flavor. White lentil is black lentil with the black skin removed. These lentils have a very strong earthy flavor. Source (

  • Nutrition

    • Black gram is highly nutritious as it contains high levels of protein (25g/100g), potassium (983 mg/100g), calcium (138 mg/100g), iron (7.57 mg/100g), niacin (1.447 mg/100g), Thiamine (0.273 mg/100g), and riboflavin (0.254 mg/100g).
    • Black gram complements the essential amino acids provided in most cereals and plays an important role in the diets of the people of India.
  • Names

    Vigna mungo is known by various names across South and Southeast Asia. Its name in most languages of India derives from Proto-Dravidian *uẓ-untu-, borrowed into Sanskrit as uḍida:[5]

    • Caribbean Hindustani: उरदी दाल urdi dal
    • Gujarati: અળદ aḷad, અડદ aḍad
    • Hindi: उड़द दाल uṛad dāl, उरद दाल urad dāl
    • Kannada: ಉದ್ದು uddu, ಉದ್ದಿನ ಬೇಳೆ uddina bēḷe
    • Marathi/Konkani: उडीद uḍid
    • Malayalam: ഉഴുന്ന് uẓunu
    • Telugu: మినుములు minumulu and Uddhi Pappu in Rayalaseema
    • Tamil: உளுந்து uḷuntu, ulundu
    • Tulu: urdu bele
    • Urdu: اورد دال urad dāl

    Its name in selected Indic languages, however, derives from Sanskrit masa

    • Bengali: মাসকালাই ডাল mashkalai ḍal
    • Nepali: मास mās
    • Punjabi : دال ماش dāl māsh

    Other names include:

    • Oriya: ବିରି ଡାଲି biri ḍāli
    • Sinhala : උඳු undu
    • Myanmar: မတ်ပဲ matpe
    • Vietnamese: đậu muồng ăn
  • Cooking

    Urad is popular in Northern India, largely used to make dal from the whole or split, dehusked seeds. The bean is boiled and eaten whole or, after splitting, made into dal; prepared like this it has an unusual mucilaginous texture.

    It is also extensively used in South Indian culinary preparations. Black gram is one of the key ingredients in making idli and dosa batter, in which one part of black gram is mixed with three or four parts of idli rice to make the batter. Vada or udid vada also contain black gram and are made from soaked batter and deep-fried in cooking oil. The dough is also used in making papadum, in which white lentils are usually used.

    It is very popular in Punjabi cuisine as an ingredient of dal makhani. In Bengal, it is used in biulir dal. In Rajasthan, It is used to prepare dal which is usually consumed with bati.

  • Health benefits

    1. Germinated black gram is good for mild diabities.

    2. It helps purify the system and remove toxins from the body.

    3. Black gram is a very rich source of protein.

    4. It helps maintain a healthy digestive system and is good for diarrhea.

    5. It is great for hair growth and reduces cholesterol to improve blood circulation.