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VIRGIN Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) :100% Naturally Grown, 150 ml

VIRGIN Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) :100% Naturally Grown, 150 ml


TENGIN Virgin Coconut Oil is not just coconut oil. It’s years of tradition and history in every drop. That Kalpatharu Nadu (Tiptur, Karnataka, India), “Land of Coconut Trees”, bear us with the finest naturally-cultivated coconuts from which Tengin is created, assures us and you of a product like none other.

We believe in the power of purity, because we know what that means to you. The cold-pressed technique used to create this marvel, not only retains the unique benefits of coconut oil, it preserves the characteristic tropical taste and aroma as well. In every drop, our products delivers the raw, unadulterated beauty of nature in its purest form.

We work closely with farmers, focussing on the female workforce to produce Tengin, while creating multiple jobs in villages. This aids the improvement of their economic state and Tengin’s packaging, which uses wide-mouthed glass jars ensures zero rate of chemical interactions. This further maintains the integrity of our produce throughout the year, while continuously advocating our endeavour to save and protect our environment.

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