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100% Natural Products Curated Nutrition Pack for your family

Super Healthy Pack -A curated "Nutrition Basket" for your family's health

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₹1,990.00Sale Price
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 100% Natural ItemsWeight (Gms)
1Turmeric Powder150
2Morniga Powder50
3Jaggey Podwer750
4Chilli Powder200
7Bengal Gram500
8A2 Ghee500
10Hair Cleanser100
  • Note

    • All products are carefully chosen for you and your family's health.
    • All products are 100% Naturally grown or use 100% natural ingredients.
    • Except for A2 Ghee, all have a shelf life of up to 12 months.
    • We recommend you to use all our products before 3 months from the date of our supply.



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