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RICE, Rajamudi (100% Naturally Grown) - 2.5 kgs Pack

RICE, Rajamudi (100% Naturally Grown) - 2.5 kgs Pack

₹330.00 Regular Price
₹280.00Sale Price

This product is single-sourced from natural farmers in the region of Karnataka

Rice Variety: Rajamudi 

Min Order Quantity: 2.5 kgs

What's unique about this rice:

  • It is 100% naturally grown without using any type of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides by Krishiyog Community Farmers of Karnataka.
  • Nutritional and healthy

Size: Our rice grains are moderate in size. It is unpolished and naturally comes in a beautiful red and brown pattern.

Cooking Instructions: Before cooking it is advised to clean and rinse the rice to clear any traces of farm soil residues.

Storage: Apply a few drops of edible castor oil and then mildly rub over the grains and store it along with sun-dried neem leaves.



  • Origins

    Rajamudi, is a variety of red rice that was earlier grown exclusively for the “Wadiyars” - the maharajas of Mysore.

    The name "Rajamudi" means "crown jewel" in Kannada, the local language of Karnataka, and it is considered to be one of the most premium and luxurious varieties of rice in India. It is also known as "Karnataka Ponni" or "Kaveri Ponni" due to its origin in the Kaveri river basin

    Rajamudi rice is a special and rare variety of rice that is native to the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is grown primarily in the regions surrounding the Kaveri river basin, and is highly valued for its unique taste, aroma, and nutritional qualities

  • Health benefits

    It has good dietary fibre as compared to polished rice. It is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients also. The antioxidants prevent our body from infections and free radicals. Zinc present in Rajamudi rice improves the immunity and speed up the recovery and healing of the body.

  • Best rice for diabetics and cardivascular diseases

    Rajamudi is the best rice for diabetics and people who have cardiovascular disease to consume because of its low glycemic index rating. Rajamudi's calcium content fortifies bones. Rajamudi has a large number of micronutrients, therefore eating it gives the body with all the necessary nutrients it requires to be strong

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