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Ragi (Finger Millet) Flour  - Cold Pressed, 100% Natural  (1kg)

Ragi (Finger Millet) Flour - Cold Pressed, 100% Natural (1kg)


Why use Cold Pressed Nature Stone Pressed Chakki Atta (Flour) ?

  • Flour when milled using Emery Stone (normal chakki) and at high RPM loses its nutritional value. Our age old hand chakki is the best way to ground millets, dals and pulses and also the best way to consume it. 
  • The grinding in nature stone does not remove the bran/husk of the grain which helps to restore fibre which is important for gut health.

Source of our raw material  :  100 % Naturally Grown, with zero use of chemicals and pesticide by marginal natural farmers of North Karnatka. This product is single sourced and of native variety directly from Krishiyog Community Farmers.

Process of making : All our grains are  "Cold pressed (milled)" at low RPM (less than 70-80 RPM ) using natural stone (NOT Emery Stone which has harmeful effects), which is usuall used in most of your neighbourhood Chakki/Flour Mills or in industrialsed and branded packed flours ).


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