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Niger Seeds Oil (Huchellu Enne) Cold/Wood pressed, 250ml

Niger Seeds Oil (Huchellu Enne) Cold/Wood pressed, 250ml

₹188.00 Regular Price
₹169.20Sale Price

Uses :  Cooking Oil, Edible Oil, Body Application

  • About this oil

    Our oil is made using traditional Ghana (Oil Mill) which is wooden in make. The oil is made by crushing Niger seeds in the Ghana at very low RPM, ensuring the nutritional content is not deteriorated.


    Made from organic and fresh niger seeds. Crushed in traditional Ghani/Ganne in rural Karnataka. Niger Seed Oil helps to prevent gastrointestinal problems, boosting the immune system, supporting weight gain, fighting inflammation, supporting cardiovascular health, inducing sleep, repairing cells and tissues, caring for the skin, preventing cough and the common cold, supporting blood circulation, and relieving pain.

  • Benefits

    Ghana (Cold/ Wood pressed) Niger Seeds Oil is an essential oil obtained from Niger plant from rural Karnataka. It helps in preventing gastrointestinal problems and in repairing cells and tissues. Niger oil is considered to be good for treating Asthma, Wheezing and helps to boost immune system. It aids sleep and heart health , improved blood circulation and for releivng pain.

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