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Green Grapes (Thompson), 100% Naturally Grown - 2 kgs (Supply @ Bangalore Only)

Green Grapes (Thompson), 100% Naturally Grown - 2 kgs (Supply @ Bangalore Only)

Delivery & Shipping on 18th/19th Feb 2024

Shipping only in Bangalore against confirmed pre-orders.


Disclaimer: Since naturally grown grapes are perishable chances are that they would get over-ripened, spoilt, or damaged if there are shipping delays.  While we attempt to ship using the safest and the fastest mode, we will have no control over shipping delays that could over-ripen the berries. 


  • 🍇 Source & Variety: Natural Grape Farmers of Karnataka & Maharashtra
  • 🍇Variety: Thomoson, Manikchaman, Sonaka, Sarita or equivalent.
  • Supply months: Feb to April every year
  • 🍇Size: Average of about 13-14 mm (Size of naturally grown grapes vary as our farmer dont use GA (which is growth harmone that increases the size of the grapes)
  • 🍇Taste: Mostly sweet, some could be sour :)
  • 🍇 Appearance: Uneven texture and uneven size.
  • 🍇 Packaging: Corrugated Box
  • 🍇 Before you order NOTE  : Only Pre-Orders accepted until stock lasts on first cum first serve basis post-payment confirmation.
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